Saturday, February 24, 2018

DON'T PANIC! Clallam Bay Comicon Edition

I just got checked out a DVD set of the BBC TV Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, from the Library. Talk about timing - if there was ever a time when I need to know to DON'T PANIC, it's now. NOTE: Carla has notified me she's not going to San Diego, so we ARE changing the comicon to July 14-15, 2018. Read on for all links and details, to make sure you're in sync. We WILL run the ads in the Stranger for the weekend of 14-15.

First of all, ROOMS:  The Winter Summer Inn - our convention B and B - KNOWS about this, and will hold the rooms for the 14-15th, on Fun Days. I called Sandy, and everything's changed, so be sure to use the new dates. So Engage Your Enthusiasm, and don't worry. It's just Life.

Now for the story of why we had to change weekends.

Last year, I checked and double-checked to make sure that the 2018 Clallam Bay/Sekiu Fun Days was going to be held on the same weekend as the Fourth of July. ie, from July 6-8. Carla Speed McNeil is working with me to make sure she gets all the funding she needs to travel out here and back, and have full accomadations, as our Guest of Honor. 

The festival has been right after the 4th, for several years now. The 4th kept getting closer and closer to the weekend every year, so I knew Fun Days would have to move ahead to the next week. But we were fine for 2018. Right? Stickers printed up and everything.

And then, while working with the Stranger on the ad, I found this: 

Clallam Bay/Sekiu Fun Days. That's right. The weekend of the 13th-15th. 

Now Fun Days is run by one person, really, just like our comicon. Trish has a mass of things to keep track of, and this year she's trying to coordinate an even BIGGER music festival. I absolutely do not blame her for holding the festival  the next weekend. The Fourth is a huge holiday up here, and two festivals so close together were becoming logistically impossible (And I certainly congratulate her and Bob on making the music festival work - I can't wait).

SO - because I knew that one of the reasons that everyone came up here was for Fun Days, which includes a parade, side events and FIREWORKS, I had to think seriously about moving the date to the 14th-15th.

I thought, oh, no, Carla is no doubt going to San Diego Comicon, which runs July 19th to 22nd. Asking her to fly down from our convention without rest in between would have been ridiculous. That show is a MONSTER. It takes full power, for at least a week. I really couldn't ask her to do that; it wouldn't be fair to her, at all.

Carla's solved THAT. Her word about San Diego: "No way am I going near THAT Katrina." So she's coming straight out to us, for the comicon and Fun Days.

So - why would it have been so bad to just hold the Clallam Bay Comicon on its own? Because of the grant that covers the Stranger ad. We won that grant, with the assistance of the Clallam Bay Chamber of Commerce, and the assurance that we would always include mention of Fun Days in any advertising and the website. That was fine. Yay!

BUT - the grant wasn't forthcoming unless we had insurance on our event. You all know what a funky little creative-oriented little show mine is. There's not the money to shell out for insurance. We hold the comicon in the Lion's Club, but their insurance only covers their events. Not that it matters - what's going to happen? Somebody falls off a chair? And Fun Days, knowing we needed to insurance to get the ad grant, graciously took us under their wing, and covered us with THEIR insurance! Is this a great little community, or what?

But - if we're on the earlier weekend, are we covered for insurance, and if we're not, do we get the grant? I doubt it - and nobody can blame them. They have safety considerations, and can't be held responsible because somebody lets their kid walk into the undertow on the beach in the dark to try to retrieve fireworks. Insurance is absolutely necessary for Fun Days, and all the Really Wild Things it entails. I doubt it starts up the weekend before.

So, after typing up all kinds of "I'm changing the Date!" "I'm Not!" "Marvin, pick up that piece of paper!" I am going to accept the Hitchhiker's admonition and NOT panic. We have several months, and in that time, I'll gently lead everyone to agreement and schedule coordination, and it will Be Right. It Will Work. AND it has!

Thanks to the terribly patient and kindly Diana at the Stranger, who has been working so hard to try to help us make this work. There WILL be the comicon. There WILL be Fun Days.

There WILL be small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.

(Note to confused people who don't do sci-fi: these are all Hitchhiker's jokes. Ask the comicon folks when you attend. And afterwards, the Universe will explode for your pleasure.)

Friday, November 24, 2017

GoFundMe Campaign Art

I'm WAS offering art of Carla Speed McNeil's characters to reward those who donate to the GoFundMe campaign to bring her to the Clallam Bay Comicon. I've offered some of the art here, but didn't get a lot of nibbles. We know why - you want CARLA's art! 

But it would take her an awful lot of extra work to do that art, and the girl is slammed as it is. She deserves this trip, as a jewel of the comics arts, and the community of artists and comics folks deserve to have her here. So pitch in a few shekels, and help us reach that goal. 

Jaeger Avatar - available

Pretty woman avatar - available

Silly Jaeger on a pony sketch - available

Jaeger in the bath - gone

Jaeger and Pfirsich - gone

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

ShortRun 2017

Me and Ka-Blam at Shortrun 2017. Photo: Anne Bean © 2017
Shortrun 2017 was simply wonderful. 

As usual, I must post the photo of the Ka-Blam tshirt, and let my favorite floppie comics (and more!) company know I'm getting the word out. There sales page is Indyplanet.

Once again, I neglected to take a bajillion photos of the events. Mostly because I was too busy talking to fans and new friends, and roving over the floor to look at the plethora of wonderful books and ideas.

So let me put in some links.

To ShortRun itself. And its Twitter and Facebook links, available there. 

Emerald Comics Distribution has a wonderful Instagram feed, and a Facebook page, for starters. If you want to see some great photos of the show, be sure to hit those pages. Pretty easy to find, just by name. 

Of course, had to hit the Fantagraphics party and say hello to all my old and new friends. A lot of people didn't know it was me until I said my name. This even happened at the Sunday Farmer's Market by the Seattle College on Broadway. I guess I've changed! I didn't recognize them either, though. Didn't matter. Had lots of fun talking to them anyway.

The Vera Project after-show party was pretty great, including the DJ. Lots of 7/8 beat, which I prefer. Lots of fun people to talk to and see what they're doing. Wonderful Vietnamese art show on the walls, including some fascinating little horror-erotica fans.

I probably won't be tabling in the future, because these shows are getting so crowded. Since Clallam County offers the Strait Shot bus, it's harder to bring books for direct sale.

I used to suggest panels all the time at shows, and that's what I'll do. And spend time on the floor. For sales, I'll use my internet show. Like I should be doing!

But you know where to find me - right here - and all the links. Be sure to check out the bookstore on this page, especially! 

Special hugs to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Grateful for the sit-in. I just needed some of your good vibes.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Shadow And Kiki - Happy Anyway

Shadow in the sun
We're getting lower on cats, and now Kiki has joined Shadow in that walk to the last days.

Kiki - the calico - has a heart condition. Every other day she tolerates a little pill from the vet.

Kiki, with toys
Shadow is taking water for renal failure. He doesn't like it, but he and Kiki both like the special treats they get when they've had their meds.

This is all normal for a household with old cats, and we've done this many times before. 

Both cats are happy, eating, enjoying themselves. 

They've even takien to sharing the heat lamp on the afghan together! 

We've learned not to hang on forever when a loved one is dying, and let them take their own course.

When my time comes, I plan to subsist on chocolate and coffee.

Recent photos show the two older cats - Shadow from Bremerton, Kiki from Clallam Bay - are even tolerating Jim, our other Clallam Bay rescue.

Shadow, Jim and Kiki -
in English reading order.
I think Shadow's brother might have been a cat in Bremerton named "Egypt." He looked exactly like Shadow, even to the kink in the last inch of the tail.

Shadow is Fearless's brother. We lost Fearless last year to a number of health problems, including thyroid and heart. 

We're too old to be adopting kittens, now, but it looks like we'll still have neighborhood dogs and cats, and can keep contributing to the ASPCA, as we have for years.

There are always animals that need petted or assisted, and owners who need help and contacts. 

It takes a village.
Shadow and Jim

Sunday, September 24, 2017


KaBlam was there too!
Made it again to the Olympic Collectible Expo! 

It's tough for me, because I have to drive four hours down and four hours back, but we little comicons out here on the peninsulas need to support each other. 

And I'm glad I did!

Not only is it the same wonderful crew at the very nice Silverdale hotel, but I picked up two people interested in tables for the Clallam Bay Comicon. If they do get them, we'll be sold out for 2018 (although I don't mind them subletting tables to other creatives - so long as they let me know they're doing it, so I can put it on the blog page in time).

Sat next to a fun artist named "Blacky" Shephard, who in many ways reminded me of myself in earlier days. Hard-working, snappy patter, good advice and great sense of humor. When I explained how I plot by saying "I was the weird girl in school," he said he'd been the weird girl in school, too.

The photo is me in my Ka-Blam Printing t-shirt. Best little company to produce small-page-count comics at nearly 1980's prices! Since I'm working with Emerald Comics Distribution, they'll be just the thing to send out limited monthly releases of both old and new books. 

Digital and Dice's Lady Crass was pod-casting all over the show, and this is the one with me in it (Click link). She must have had a magic camera! Blacky and I perform pig stick theater.

The show is too close to get a room, but too far to drive, and make the whole show, before and after daylight. But if I show up a bit late in the morning, I'll be able to stand a dark drive home - especially since I now have anti-glare glasses that will defeat even those pesky halogens on rural roads. I'm also researching airbnbs in Bremerton - which would allow for some very handy erranding (Peninsula folk have to stock up on cheap bulk items like a loading submarine when in town near a CashNCarry).

I'm going to ask OCE if I can just send some backstock and goodies forward for people to see, and even take, and then bring back for me to autograph when I can get there. 

One way or the other, I want to make the shows out here happen. And keep an eye out for the Forks Comicon, coming soon! It's called RainCon - and it's happening, June 2018.

Desert Peach Concert Kickstarter

Who wants to see a concert based on a book about a nice gay man who ends up in the German army because he doesn't want to do politics?

Yes, we're doing it again - going for a Kickstarter to turn the 1992 Desert Peach musical into a concert. 

If you want to earn a rank in our army, our just be a private soldier, go to the link. 

If you want to see the Alternate Timeline video, go to this link. 

It won't be full costume, but it will be ten singers, at least, doing all the great parts from the wonderful songs by Michael Seyfrit. We may even have some of the original cast on board!

Share this as much as you can, and help us make it happen again. It was so much fun for everybody last time - and it's time for it again.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

ShortRun 2017 - I'm there!

See you all at Shortrun in Seattle this year! For more info, click here.